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     The DI2E Plugfest is the annual demonstration of advancements in the DI2E. The purpose is to provide an environment of networked, interoperable and reusable components, within the Plugfest eXchange (PX), where vendors are able to deploy, engage with others on their capabilities, and showcase tools to provide flexible, agile and data-driven capabilities to Warfighters and the critical missions.  

     DI2E Plugfest continues to be a collaborative effort contributing to the evolution of the DI2E framework. The DI2E Framework provides interoperable and reusable components that are flexible, agile and data-driven. 

New for 2016 and the Plugfest Program

  • DoD CIO’s Mission Partner ISE
  • DI2E Reviews for PoR Technical Problems
  • Lightning Round Presentations for event Sponsors
  • Content Discovery and Retrieval Focus
  • Cyber Awareness 
  • Mashup, expanded scenario

DoD CIO Organization joins the Plugfest
     The DoD CIO organization considers that DI2E Plugfest represents an opportunity to bring innovation to solving the technical challenges in sharing C2 data and information with mission partners. 

  • Identify and solve the specific problems based on identified needs
  • Focus on Cybersecurity and an enduring Mission Partner Information Sharing Environment
  • Opportunity to leverage the integrator-developers' environment
  • Address and attempt to solve the complex interoperable data exchange problems

Expanded Scenario for 2016
The DI2E Plugfest and Mashup Challenge will have an updated and expanded scenario involving operational, C2 and ISR activities that creates more opportunities for demonstrating components and capabilities.  It features cybersecurity situational awareness, ISR Common Intelligence Picture with critical collection intelligence requirements, network analysis, geo-visualization, overwatch and patterns of life analysis elements.

» Thursday, April 21, 2016 - 10:00AM - 12:00PM      Technical Exchange Meeting 4 (TEM)
Slide presentations are posted http://di2eplugfest.org/technical-exchange-meetings/

Post Meetings (all slides now posted for previous technical meetings)
For details on TEM and post-TEM slide presentations, click here http://di2eplugfest.org/technical-exchange-meetings/
»   March 10, 2016 - Technical Exchange Meeting 3 (TEM) slides
»  January 19, 2016 - Technical Exchange Meeting 2 (TEM)
»  December 15, 2015 - Technical Exchange Meeting 1 (TEM)
»  November 23, 2015 - DI2E Plugfest Industry Day - http://di2eplugfest.org/indday/

This industry day provided opportunity for Government and Industry to collaborate and network and gain information and insight on technical challenges and ongoing situations reported by the PoR’s and the DoD CIO.

 Note:  See the News menu for slide presentations at http://www.di2eplugfest.org/news-3


Technolgy Showcase By the Numbers

 2015 DI2E Plugfest by the Numbers
 Number of Vendors in Plugfest: 45
 Number of Mashup Challenge Teams: 4
 Number of Government exhibits: 8
 Number of Registrants: 300+

 2014 DI2E Plugfest by the Numbers
Number of Vendors in Plugfest: 37
 Number of Mashup Challenge Teams: 3
 Number of Government displays: 9

 Number of Registrants: 300+

Event Management Point of Contact

Tammy Kicker, CEM, CMP
Meeting and Exhibit Logistics

AFEI Business Operations
(703) 247-9494

DI2E Plugfest Teams and Technical Contacts
Plugfest Technical Team - admin@plugfestexchange.com
Framework Team - DI2EFrameworkInfo@di2e.net

Members of the press/media or an exhibitor, who may have questions about the media presence, please contact tkicker@afei.org.



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