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United States
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ISA is an interoperability solution that allows components to join a network and make use of the functionality found there without requiring prior knowledge of the resources available on that network. This dynamic discovery is a core precept of ISA and is accomplished by requiring all members to announce the data they provide and functionality they can perform when they connect to the network. Members can change their capabilities at any time and can also search for other members that provide either data or functionality they are interested in. Dynamic discovery in this manner allows for members to adapt to a changing situation on the fly without potential downtime or reconfiguration and leads to the rapid utilization of new resources.  A fundamental requirement of interoperability is a common data language that allows members to communicate without having to perform costly point-to-point integrations. The ISA data model defines a wide range of elements that allow members to describe the data they can provide to the network. ISA is government owned and provides documentation, compliance tools, data generators, a reference implementation, and an API for integration


Brands: CERDEC NVESD Integrated Sensor Architecture (ISA)