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COP App for handheld

 LifeRing provides secure (up to SECRET) communications, situational awareness, intel between various types of organizations and levels of command, creating a configurable Common Operational Picture (COP):

 - Each user can send/receive information and communicate, as allowed in their configuration (e.g. - SECRET, Classified, UNCLAS, company level, battalion level, organization "internal only", etc.) and view displays (with MIL-STD 2525 symbology and details) of all users and markers within their configured network.

 - LifeRing is a "many-to-many" system that allows users to communicate using various disparate communications systems (sat phones, military radios, cell phones, civilian radios, coalition partners, first responders, etc.).  LifeRing also, integrates with numerous data sources (e.g. - AIS, radar, tracker feeds, geo-location data, weather monitoring, satellite imagery, SAP, EO/IR. UAV, and other sensors, etc.).

 - LifeRing can stream live video, send pictures, text, SMS, documents, positioning/location data, provide a shared whiteboard, and numerous other features.

Provides MISSION OVERWATCH streaming on your handheld device.

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 Press Releases


    AGIS LifeRing June 1-2, 2016 DI2E PlugFest


    Following just weeks after days of successful integrations at the DI2E DHS Plugfest in Norfolk, VA, LifeRing is at George Mason University to support the DCGS-Navy MASHUP, the DCGS-DIA TagUP, and the DCGS-SOF Upshot by providing all parties a Common Operational Picture using their own Android Smartphone or PC.

    At DI2E PlugFest, AGIS is interfacing LifeRing Android Smartphones to the U.S. Navy’s DGCS-N system, receiving real AIS ship locations, interfacing with a SAP/NS2 hospital availability database, interfacing with the KAB Laboratories Stallion track simulator and along with Pink Summit enabling the automatic translation of Arabic documents into English.

    Mission Overwatch capabilities are delivered by interfacing with UAVs and satellite data from NGA. In addition to live comms and with reference databases, DI2E will see firsthand how LifeRing interfaces with many of the U.S. and NATO C4I systems by fusing data from various sensors and provides.

    All LifeRing users view each others’ location on a digital map in real time.  Maps and charts are available online or can be preloaded on the device prior to missions. LifeRing enables users to enter data that is sent to others as geo-referenced MIL STD 2525 Markers. LifeRing users can then add text and photographs to the map Markers.

    All exchanged data is stored in the LifeRing server and is available for replay and analysis.

    Summary of features include: touch to call, Push-To-Talk (PTT), chat, send messages, attach voice messages, attaching video clips, photos attachments, full motion video and UAV video.

    LifeRing encryption is approved by Department of State, when classified communications are required NSA’s CSfC encryption is used.

    LifeRing software is registered under the Department of Commerce. When integrated with military C4I systems, LifeRing is provided to Allies under a Department of State ITAR license.

    Please stop by our booth 312 to receive a free copy of LifeRing that can be used on either the DI2E network or alternatively on the Internet.  Contact:  Rich Owen, ADI Technologies at 703-734-9626.