Integral Mind

Arlington,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 215

Simulate people, reality

Offering 'AI for the real world', Integral Mind builds software with humanlike abilities to understand the world and reason about it. We solve problems that traditional AI has struggled with in the past, including real-world understanding, simulation, culture, tactical processes, and persuasion.

Integral Mind's Intuitive AI-based models predicted a 2013 nuclear deal with Iran, and the related COGBASE system combines all open source commonsense knowledge (9.9+ million pieces of information) into one common representation, answering questions such as ‘what goals do these objects support’.

Applications range from anticipatory analytics, intelligence extraction and processing to targeting, persuasion, COA development, and more. Satisfied customers include a prominent NGO engaging North Korea, DARPA (best-in-class results), the IC, DoD, other militaries, and more. We won a conference-wide award at HumTech 2015 (judged predominantly by USG personnel).

Anticipated projects include financial and technology/government needs modeling, key contributions to IARPA CAUSE, and proposed work for SOCOM, CENTCOM, NGA, and other agencies.